Jul 19 2011

Finding the right Voice in your article


Today, we begin a series of articles that focus on the many nuances that make content writing an expert’s job. If you take a look around, then you will notice that there is enough literature on the subject already. But as every content writer has his own secret recipe, here’s mine.

When I read a good article, I almost feel as if the writer is narrating it to me. Have you ever felt the same? That is what I call a correctly ‘voiced’ article.

For a writer, the writing voice comes naturally. But it can be imitated or even developed up to a certain extent.

Over a period of time, every writer develops his/her own style of writing. The voice or the tone is directly linked to this style. For example, a lot of my readers and clients have complimented me on my informal and direct style of writing. That’s my voice of writing. My comfort zone!

But that does not suit all forms of writing. For example, a business website that has CEOs and CFOs as its target audience requires a much more formal tone and better use of vocabulary. There is very little room for experimentation.

In this article, we will attempt to understand the different types of web content and the voices connected to them.


Blogs are link magnets. Interactivity is the key. Use a semi-formal or informal tone to your articles and connect with your readers. If you experiment with your blogs and use a very formal tone with loads of jargon, then the interactivity will be minimal hindering the very purpose of creating the blog.

Product Reviews

Now, there are two distinct types of product reviews. One sounds more like a testimonial and the second one sounds like a professional reviewing a service. The tones for these reviews are equally different. The testimonial styled review would be much effective when written in the informal voice, something that a layman can connect with. Stick to quality words and a formal tone for the professional type of product review.


The voice that you use for writing the content on a webpage depends on a lot of factors.

  1. Client Input (Every Client will have a unique requirement and expectation from his/her website. Understand this)
  2. Target Audience (The voice and tone should be altered as per the target audience)
  3. Business Type (A website that sells T-Shirts will have a different voice from that which sells medical equipment)

Secret Recipe

Last but not the least add your own secret ingredient that makes every piece of your written work special. It might be the ability to connect with words, strong honest statements, short sentences, bulleted lists, there are innumerable things used by writers to add their personal touch to their writings. You are the best person to understand what your special ingredient is. Use it.

Finding Your Voice

For those who have just started or are struggling to find their own unique voice in writing, start reading. A good writer reads a lot. Read your favorite writers, authors and bloggers and get into their mind. Think like they do. Feel what they write.

If you focus on imitating the style of a writer, you can eventually adapt that voice into your own articles. But remember, you are only a mimic. Never an original.

But consider it to be a start.

The tricky part lies in unlearning their style and creating your own unique one. Practice is the key.

Keep writing and you will get there eventually.

All the best!


Mon Jul 25, 2011 at 11:30 am · ·

nice :)

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  • Mark Hanson

    Fri Dec 23, 2011 at 12:09 am · ·

    Hi Sanjay,

    Thanks for the tips on “Writing the Right Way – Voice”.

    Your tip on finding your voice by reading was especially helpful. I’ve not been reading much lately and I believe that has been the main culprit in stagnating my writing.

    I love to read works from a multitude of authors. Not every one of them would be appropriate in helping me be a better blog post writer.

    But there is one guy…

    I just pulled a three-ring binder full of my favorite sales copy writer short articles off the shelf. It’s a gold mine of interesting writing with his personality/voice bubbling out of every sentence.

    Your readers should consider finding a blog writer that they want to emulate, absorb some of their style and voice, and see how it affects their next writing project. I’ll bet they see an immediate improvement.



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