Sales Copy

If you are trying to sell a product online then you are already in the most competitive market on earth. And unless you have the right tools, you will stay in a corner of the World Wide Web gathering dust like a neglected book.

5 INSANELY SIMPLE Ideas by which I made my FIRST MILLION DOLLARS – So Simple even Kids can do it’

If that were a classified advertisement, I am sure most people looking for an online business opportunity would have clicked it.

Why? Because it offers people with SIMPLE techniques to make a MILLION dollars.

See? That’s like promising to take someone up Mount Everest on an elevator in 15 minutes.

Irrespective of whether the person makes a million bucks or not, he surely will click and read the copy. That’s the battle half won.

That’s how Ad-Copy or Sales Copy must be.

With a strong attention grabbing heading that either promises, induces inquisitiveness, entertains, contradicts or questions the reader.

The sales copy on your website is your ‘Salesman in Text’ and it better be good for just two clicks separate your customer from your competitor.

Effective sales copy will deliver the message to your target audience with the help of words so powerful; they can change their mindset in minutes.

It can change leads to sales.

I am sure you receive several promotional letters in your email inbox everyday. I too receive thousands of sales letters each week but most of them end up in the trash bin.


Because they are not convincing enough.

A quick glance is enough to know whether the copy is effective or a dud.

Here’s a quick list of how sales copy must be.

  • Powerful heading
  • Divided in small chunks of text
  • Sub headings
  • Bullet Lists
  • Highlighting Pros
  • Touching on the Cons
  • Promising
  • Call to Action

‘Show not tell’, is the golden rule of sales. I may create a story, a testimonial or even add a guarantee. But one thing is for sure. I can help make your product sell with words.

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