Professional Press Release Writing Services

A press release (PR) is an extremely efficient promotion tool for businesses of all sizes.

Also called a news release, most companies release it either to announce their new services to their customer or as a part of their promotional campaigns.

A press release has to be short, but powerful and most importantly, newsworthy. It is a well known fact that most editors prefer press releases that require minimum amount of editing work to be done.

This makes it extremely crucial for you to hire the right writer for your press release work.

Let’s face it. A PR is not the best place for you to write thinking about your target audience. The best you can do is create a pseudo news story that an editor will love.

Editors will be least bothered about the kind of service you provide or the effectiveness of your product. They do not care how much money you make out of it. The only thing that matters to them is a story that their readers will love.

The point is, how to make an ordinary story newsworthy?

Let’s say you sell T-Shirts with funny messages. That’s hardly a newsworthy item.

But if you create a story that says, ‘T-Shirt Caption leads to fight amongst Teens’, you have something there.

I can create a copy that is compelling for the reporter but announces the arrival of your business or service in a newsworthy manner. I can even weave a story around your product to make it seem natural enough.

The reader has a nice juicy story to dig into, the reporter has a story that his editor will love and you have a press release that will be loved by all forms of media and generate tons of free Publicity for you.

Give me your requisites and sit back and wait till your press release is created.