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A couple of years ago, the internet was flooded with websites that were made specifically for Search Engines. They had little or no relevant information about the website or the product.

Loaded with affiliate links or junk text, these websites would rank high on Search Engine Result Pages at times beating even genuine websites with quality content.

Thankfully, those times have passed.

Today, most leading search engines have altered their algorithms to make the internet a better place. A place that has websites created for human users.

An article, be it a blog post, a website page or an email newsletter, has to be informative and relevant. Or else, your website risks being penalized for a long time.

And that’s not all.

The rules of Article Marketing have changed too. Content spun using Article Writing Software is no longer the right way to get backlinks.

Users Dominate 

It’s the time of Social Media and Content Sharing. A good quality article always enhances your link value and in turn, your PR. A spun article that’s hardly readable has little or no chances of being liked.

Give your website audience content that they will enjoy reading, that will solve their problems, answer their questions, entertain them.

Add an FAQ about your products or services, add a descriptive page to your products or simply provide information about the product in fancy attractive words. Customers love it when they get information about products or services rather than an image followed by the price and an ‘Add to shopping cart’ button.

Why me

In the last 6years of my career, I have written for numerous niches.

Some difficult, some easy and some even bizarre!

I have met plagiarists, content scrapers and cheap content writers who spin original contant and call it their own.

Having worked as an SEO consultant for websites, I know the importance of ORIGINAL content. More importantly, I know the damage that duplicate content can do to your goals.

So, my work is open for all kinds of originality and quality tests.

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