Sep 2 2011
  1. You urgently require a Content WriterIt’s a business website and you wrote the content for it yourself (You are not a professional writer)
  2. Your website ranks on page 75 (or even worse) for most keyword phrases connected to your business in almost all search engines
  3. Your kid who’s a 4th grader can spot grammatical errors in it
  4. You have 100 hits in a day but not even one is converting into a lead
  5. Your web designer wrote the content for you
  6. The content on your website is one huge chunk of text
  7. It takes you 20 minutes to read the text on one page
  8. You BORROWED (?????) the content from several other websites
  9. Visitors say that the copy on your website lacks the PUNCH
  10. You are serious about generating more business from your website.

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